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As a Board certified family practice doctor with over 35 years’ experience, We work together to develop a unique method of helping you. Together our intention is to promote an environment that allows one’s self and body to recover and heal as nature intends. My practice philosophy is one where I seek to use every ‘tool in my toolbox’ to help you get better.

Many patients come in to my practice who are on conventional treatment methods. Since I am fully licensed as a medical doctor, we explore natural and other philosophies along with current treatments. Some may need to continue with their present care options.

Alternatively, what I can also do is enhance those treatments by nutritional counseling and add to that, additional methods to strengthen your body—vitamins, homeopathy, acupuncture, meditation, etc.

Some patients come in to my practice not wishing to receive any conventional treatments, either because of past ineffectiveness or perhaps because of religious reasons. Either way, there is a whole world of treatments that can be used to help. The choice is yours!”
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